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01 Bid & Sell

Place your bid to buy coins and sell them once they gained profits.

02 Timetable

Auctions can be easily followed from a simple timetable every day.

03 Up to F10k

You are allowed to bid for F500 to F10k coins per transaction.

04 Up to 3 Days

Watch your coins grow daily from our "Master Key" package within 3 days.

The fastest growing & reliable Online Coin Auction

The best way to win a war is to always "think" or "believe" that you have won, hence FRIDOMCOIN is here to channel your mind and remind you that your financial freedom is waiting for you to take action today.

Be part of the most rewarding Online Auction FRIDOMCOIN, and break free from daily financial struggles.

Join the new revolutionary Fridomcoin

Step 1 # Register and verify your mobile number

Step 2 # Join a live auction to bid

Step 3 # Pay for your bid & activate gains

Step 4 # Coins auto-sell upon maturity

Packages Choose the best option

Master Key

Growth Rate:


3 days

F500 - F10k

Referral Bonus:
Earn 10% per bid

Frequently Asked Questions Need to know

A new coin in the cryptocurrency market making its way into the global scene. As a peer to peer network platform FridomCoin aims to build a community through trust and transparency and enlist its name into the hearts of the international market.
Each coin is currently traded at a fixed price of ZAR1,00 during the peer to peer network phase.
FridomCoin started in July 2020, responding to the call of the people of the world to free them during a tough time in the financial markets globally.
Yes, registration is free. All you need is Sign Up via the form at top of the page, verify your email and mobile number and you are ready to bid.
You are not forced to recruit other people, however you will be missing out on earning a 10% bonus for every bid your referrals pay for.
You can place as many bids as you can afford, but you will only be allowed to place them one at a time. This means you will place a bid, pay for it, get approved, then start again.
Not yet, BitCoin only platform for FridomCoin is being developed, and will be launched in near future.
Support is accessible via telegram, or via live chat on the website, available to you every day from 06h00 to 22h00